About Us

A Collective Vision

The Collective NZ was founded in 2018 by Stacey Euston.  Stacey and her husband Richard have run successful businesses in their local community of Beachlands, Auckland for a number of years.

After establishing themselves in their local community, other like-minded creatives reached out for a way to showcase their own products; and that’s when the idea for The Collective was born.

Local communities throughout New Zealand are full of creative talent, but sadly, that talent often goes unnoticed.  Our vision at The Collective is to bring all those creative people together in one extraordinary showcase of talent.

The Collective Values…
If it’s handmade and well made, it has a home here at The Collective.  We have a strict policy of no store-bought products.
Our community of artists and craftspeople are passionate about working with sustainable materials.
Our community pour their heart and soul into what they do and thrive on producing high quality handmade products.

How Does The Collective Work?

Our website allows people from all over New Zealand to showcase their items and sell them online for a fair price.

Talented craftspeople and business owners from all over NZ make goods and gifts and list them for sale here on The Collective marketplace.

Online shoppers seeking quality, hand-made gifts shop on our website, buying direct from the maker.

When you buy, you’re buying direct from the person (or people) that made the product and you’re helping to support the livelihoods of local creative people.