Terms & Conditions

Last Updated:  09/05/2019

1. Vendor Registration

In the future, we aim to open vendor registration up to people from all areas of New Zealand.  For now, vendor registration is limited to residents of The Pohutukawa Coast.

New vendor registrations must be approved before use.  If a vendor is not based in The Pohutukawa Coast, The Collective reserve the right to refuse registration.

2. General Registration

Anyone can register as a customer on The Collective regardless of location.

3. Support / Messaging System

The Collective provides a messaging system for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other for the purpose of product enquiries and/or shipping/order updates.

The Collective has the ability to monitor communications between each party in the interest of keeping our online marketplace safe and transparent for all parties.

By using the messaging system, you agree not to send any offensive or abusive materials/comments to others.  You also agree not to use the messaging system to arrange any transactions outside of the checkout process provided by The Collective.

Any person found breaching this provision will have their account terminated immediately and be banned from all future activities on The Collective.